Youth & Government — A Report From The State Convention

Written by Piper W. — Happy Hill Farm Student

On January 27-29th, 2023, Mollie R., Katie R., and Addison W. represented our school at the Youth and Government State Convention. All three girls did exceptionally well and showed great Christ-like qualities while presenting their bills, debating others’ bills, and running for Senate Pro Tem. The three girls had lots of fun, with many fun events and places they visited and participated in.

On the first day, they went to the opening ceremony at the Renaissance Hotel and then broke into small groups to present a bill as practice before breaking into committees. Afterward, Mollie and Katie went to chair and clerk in their committee and to present if they had time. Addison didn’t go since, as Senate Pro Tem, she had the opportunity to pick the bills that she thought would be good to present on the floor at the capitol the next day.

On that Saturday, they were able to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience in one of the most rewarding programs; going to visit and debate at the capitol building in Austin, Texas. Addison explained that she enjoyed being able to go visit our capitol — “There were so many cool things to see, and I got to sit in the Senate chamber. It was amazing.”

The girls had a jam-packed schedule the entire time they were in Austin with social events on Saturday evening. It might have been busy, but still an amazing experience.

Addison believes that “it went way better than last year because I felt like I was more involved this year which made it even more fun.” Addison is planning on either staying in legislative or possibly doing state affairs next year, and Katie is thinking about trying out for media.

Overall, the state conference was a success. Addison won Senate Pro Tem, Mollie and Katie did a fine job chairing and clerking, and they met a bunch of new friends. All of the delegates are excited about what is to come next year in Youth and Government.