Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To educate, train, and inspire children from all backgrounds to reach their God-given potential and become leaders with character and integrity.

Our Mission

Happy Hill Farm educates a unified, but diverse, student body for lifelong success by providing a comprehensive education from a Christian worldview that cultivates the mind, transforms the heart, and develops each student’s character and God-given abilities.

Our Beliefs

A fundamental belief — that each human being is created in the image of God — provides the strong spiritual underpinning for the mission of Happy Hill Farm.

Our Program

Happy Hill Farm’s campus provides a Christian boarding and day school serving children from North Texas, and around the world, who lack opportunity.

The boarding campus offers students a college-like learning experience at its accredited K-12 school, North Central Texas Academy, as well as experiential learning opportunities through a chapel and youth ministry facility, a full agricultural center and FFA program, beautiful living facilities, a dining hall, an equestrian arena, athletic fields, and so much more.

The day students and families add to the breadth of the program and open up new opportunities within the local community. The Academy offers these students a much broader and diverse learning experience by attending a school with a Christian worldview and students from around the globe.