Prepare Your Kids for the Unique Challenges of Today’s World

👉 Get the devotional for parents, teens, and leaders from an experienced youth pastor Lucas Shipman. Lucas works with teens every day at Happy Hill Farm, a Christian boarding school in DFW that has been serving underprivileged kids for over 50 years.

I want to help you prepare their hearts for whatever occurs in their lives. I want this devotional, with its daily questions and Biblical readings, to inspire real conversations to take place. My hope is the Gospel will speak to their hearts, sins will be confessed and repented of, and their newfound faith will lead to improved lives.

This devotional is not a worldview or apologetics curriculum. Its intention is to address some of the most common idols young people struggle with daily.

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What We Do

Do you believe that every child deserves the opportunity to live up to his or her God-given potential? Do you believe children who experience a safe, loving childhood, are more likely to grow up to be productive adults? Does your heart break for children in need?

For more than 45 years, people like you have been helping boys and girls at Happy Hill Farm escape dire circumstnces — and receive a loving upbringing rooted in a Christian worldview — to ultimately go on to be better mothers, fathers, and leaders in their communities.

My name is Lucas Shipman, and I would love to share more about what we do at Happy Hill Farm. Just watch below.

Please consider supporting the boys and girls who live at Happy Hill Farm. When you do, you provide opportunities to children who have so much potential. They just need a helping hand to give them the chance to live up to their potential.